We are an non Profit educational organization. 

We have costs  to provide this service and will accept $5-$10 donations for viewing all past Seminar presenters.

If you were an attendee at  any previous conference, you are welcome to view all the recordings at no cost.

Watch recorded Seminar presentations from 2023 

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Rick Bernard

Owner, Boom Point Winery

"How I ended up with a winery"

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Don Caldwell

NYSAESG-Cornell Grape Program. "Grape Expectations" 2022 Post mortem and 2023 insights.

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Phil Plummer

Winemaker at Montezuma Idol Ridge and Fossenvue wineries

"Natural wines"

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Jan Klapetzky

Winemaker Boom Point Winery

"Acid reduction in juice and wine – options, considerations, and techniques"

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Michael Warren Thomas

Mutimedia Writer

"Cool Food & Hot Wine in the finger Lakes Area"

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Jamie Kelly

Sales Rep for FL boutique wineries

Pet Nat wines

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