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Previous Seminar Content

Previous Seminar Content

Here are the PDFs from 2015:

Cleaning, Sanitation, and Safety Practices for the Home Winemaker      by Diane Schmitt, Ph D. candidate Cornell University

Top 10 List of Winemaking Secrets!                                                     by Staci Nugent, Winemaking Consultant, Cornell University

Crop Update                                                                                            by Tom Mitchell, Fallbright 

The Use of Enzymes in Small Batch Wine Making                           by Ellie Butz, Lallemand technical representive 


Here are the PDFs from 2014:

Considerations When Using Indigenous Yeast                                by Johannes Reinhardt, Kemmeter Wines

Winemaking Basics                                                                               by Jan Klepetzki, Young-Sommer Winery

Methodology of Wine Judging                                                            by Holly Howell, wine educator

Wine Bottle Closure Study                                                                   by Peter A. Frisch, New York State Home Wine Committee

Here are the PDFs from 2013:

Analyzing Wine:  The Devils (and Angles!) are in the Details          by Ed Lavin

Tannins and Anthocyanins:  Behaviors and Impacts in Wine          by Daniel Pambianchi

Malo-Lactic Fermentation, by Co-Inocculation                                 by Michael Jones, of Scott Labs

Hybridization, and the Wines that Result                                           by Steve Fulkerson, of Fulkerson Winery


Here are the PDFs from 2012:  

Understanding and Managing Acids and pH                                   by Daniel Pambianchi

​Making Aromatic White Wines                                                          by Brandon Seager

Understanding Common Wine Flaws                                                by Melisssa Aellen

Making Late Harvest, Ice, and Port Wines                                       by Mark Patterson and Jonathan Oakes


Here are the PDFs from 2011:

Beginning Winemaking                                                                     by Chris Gerling, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva

Inactive Yeast                                                                                    by Sigrid Gertsen-Briand of Lallemand

​Marquette                                                                                           by Jan Klapetzky, Young-Sommer Winery

Making Wine from Flowers                                                              by Jill Misterka

​Deductive Wine Tasting                                                                    by Holly Howell (nota bene:  two PDFs different for the first two words)


Here are the PDFs from 2010:

Finger Lakes Wine Growing:  Some Historical Highlights          by Gary Cox, Award Winning Home Winemaker

Care and Feeding of Yeast:  Strategies for Successful Fermentation  by Mark Nisbet, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station

Fining Bench Trials, with samples                                                 by Peter A. Frisch, NYS Home Wine Committee


Here are the PDFs from 2009:

Starting a Backyard Vineyard                                                        by Ed Kwiek, Home Vineyard Consultant 

SO2 Management                                                                             by Staci Nugent, Winemaker at Keuka Lake Vineyards

From Home to Professional Winemaker                                       by Jan Klapetzki, Young-Sommer Winery


Here are the PDFs from 2008:

Fixing Common Wine Making Problems                                    by Domenic Carisetti, Winery Consultant

Sur Less (yeast) Stirring for Taste and Aging                           by Shawn Verity, Heron Hill Winery


Here are the PDFs from 2007:

Making Fruit Wine                                                                         by Bill Martin, Owner and Winemaker, Montezuma Winery


Fining and Finishing                                                                       by Dave Breeden, Winemaker, Sheldrake Point Vineyards


Basic Testing in Winemaking                                                        by Jan Klapetzki, Multiple Award Winning New York State Home Winemaker

Wine Faults                                                                                      by the New York State Home Wine Committee