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Appropriate Use

Helping people make better wine is what we want to do.  Your comments and tips will help us achieve that goal, however we do request that you “play nice” and use appropriate language, and offer comments in a positive way.  Foul language will not be tolerated.  We hope you are as passionate as we are about winemaking, and helping others make better wine.


We respect your privacy.  We will never share your email address or any other personal information with anyone or any business.  A few times a year we may send you a reminder about the next seminar, or other important information.  The website is available for viewing by anyone, without registering. If you wish to leave comments or ask questions, we require you to register a small amount of information so we can contact you if necessary.  There is no cost for registering, or using this website.  Of course we would like to see you at the New York State Home Wine Seminar, every year.


Everyone interested in winemaking, or the enjoyment of wine, is encouraged to participate in the forums, blogs, and to make comments or ask questions.  Whether you are looking into making wine for the first time, a current home winemaker, or a professional winemaker, located anywhere in the world, you are welcome to participate.  However, this is not a website for advertising your business or products.  The New York State Home Wine Committee does not accept or have any responsibility for the accuracy of any information given in any blog or forum posting.  One would be wise to research any information given here, though most of it is given to the best of the writer's knowledge.


If you would like to have an item entered in the Calendar, please contact a Committee member with the information of the event.


All documents and PDFs that are on this site are provided free of charge.  However, the copyright of these documents and PDFs will always remain with either the New York State Home Wine Committee or the author/speaker depending on who created them.  These are NOT to be distributed for money and are NOT to be altered so as to attribute ownership to any other individual or group.